Advisory Services

Tax Law and Regulation

Zeridium has an integral knowledge of tax legislation and we are able to offer advice and opinions on matters including corporate, individual and international tax.

Tax Structuring

Determining the best way to structure the clients affairs in order to minimise any pitfalls is a highly complex process and requires expert advice.

We provide local and International tax structuring to assist both individuals and corporates to find solutions for their specific needs.

Sportspersons and Entertainers

We represent many local and international sportspersons and entertainers in all aspects of their tax affairs. In addition, we are able to facilitate the remittance of funds abroad, to performers and promoters, within the guidelines specified by the South African Reserve Bank.

Specialised Compliance Services

Our team can assist you in specialised compliance matters such as complicated income tax returns, tax clearances and any other matters that may need expert advice and input.

Dispute Resolution

With a long standing, mutually respecting relationship with the South African Revenue Service, we are able to utilise the various objection, alternate dispute resolution (ADR), appeal and settlement processes to assist our clients in concluding favourable outcomes in most tax disputes.